Don't trust your lawn and landscape to anyone else.

We offer lawn care services to keep your lawn and landscape healthy and beautiful.

Our Services

We specialize in providing comprehensive lawn care services including fertilization and weed control for Zoysia, Bermuda, Fescue, and St. Augustine lawns.

We also offer Tree & Shrub Care, Aeration, Aeration and Seeding, Growth Regulators and Fungicide Services.

We offer a Lawn Care Program that includes fertilization, soil conditioning, pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control. Our 7 round program produces a healthy, dense, green and more weed resistant turf.

Because lawn care goes beyond your grass, we offer a finely tuned Tree and Shrub program. We provide a fertilization, insect and disease control service designed to ensure the health and beauty of your trees and shrubs. Our program includes 7 seasonal applications that treat or prevent common diseases and plant destroying insects.

Our famous "Double Pass" Aeration ensures every square foot of your lawn is aerated. This allows oxygen, water and important nutrients to reach the root system.

We start with our famous "Double Pass" Core Aeration. Next, we over-seed your Fescue lawn with quality seed we broker ourselves.

Our Fungicide Treatments provides preventative and curative solutions for common fungal diseases such as Brown Patch, Zoysia Patch and Dollar Spot.

Lawn care services don't end with weed control and fertilization. Growth Regulators work by suppressing the vertical growth of warm-season grass like Bermuda and Zoysia. With this, lateral growth is stimulated and produces a more dense turf resistant to weeds, disease and drought.

Fire Ant Control is essential for making your lawn safe for your family and pets. We utilize the most environmentally responsible methods aimed at eliminating the entire colony of fire ants.

Our lawn programs are backed with free service calls should you need one.


We achieve these results by investing in the latest generation of EPA approved products and the right blends of lawn fertilizer properly applied by knowledgeable, well-trained Route Managers.

Watch the video below to learn more about the services we offer.

Our Route Managers are different.

They are required to pass Turf Masters Lawn Care certification every year to ensure they remain current on the latest environmentally friendly treatment methods to safely provide the results you expect.

They are never paid commissions on the volume of lawns they service. We reward quality, not quantity.

They take a proactive approach. If they see your yard needs some extra help, they will put in a service call on your behalf.

We know that achieving a beautiful lawn is more than just applying our products, that’s why we leave helpful notes along with after—service emails regarding cultural practices such as watering and mowing. They may suggest additional services such as core aeration, disease and/or insect control, but never anything you don’t need.

They do the extras, like knocking on your door before beginning service, blowing excess fertilizer off your walkways and driveways, and ensuring all outside gates are closed before they leave. We will even clear your lawn of heavy leaf cover when feasible.

We are always reviewing new research and adopting the best practices in our industry through the many trade organizations to which we belong.

Learn about the basics of taking care of your lawn.

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