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Maintain healthy, pest-free trees and shrubs.

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Your grass is healthy and green, now it's time to talk trees & shrubs.

We offer finely tuned fertilization, insect and disease control service for your trees and shrubs.

Water, sunlight and other nutrients all play an important role in keeping your trees and shrubs healthy. However, pests, insects and disease can still invade your trees and shrubs quickly, so it’s important to protect them year-round.

Ensure the health & beauty of your trees and shrubs.

Total Protection

Includes 7 seasonal applications that treat or prevent common disease and insect damage.

Horticultural Oil: Smothers insect eggs to reduce populations and initial infestation to your shrubbery.

Foliar Feeding, Insect, and Disease Control: Helps control insect populations, helps prevent damaging diseases and provides micronutrients to enhance color, growth, and a healthy root system.

Systemic Insect and Disease Control: Protects your trees and shrubs from damage causing insects and diseases, especially Japanese Beetles.

Insect and Disease Control: Helps control insect populations and diseases brought on by summer stress.

Insect and Disease Control: Helps control insect populations and diseases heading into winter. This is a time to help your landscape recover from the stress of summer.

Annual Root-Zone Fertilization: A slow release fertilizer is applied to provide your trees and shrubs with nutrients needed to promote a healthy root system, new growth, and more colorful blooms for next growing season.

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Tom, Spring Hill, TN

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