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Our fertilization and weed control program ensures your lawn receives the nutrients it needs to be beautiful, thick, and green.

Our Simple Philosophy

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Lawn Care  Service 
Only a Local Company Can Provide

Saving you time, money, and stress so you can enjoy your lawn year-round


Experienced Route Managers to handle your lawn fertilization and weed control.

Weed prevention

Weed prevention that knocks back existing weeds and stops future growth.

nutrient balanaced lawn icon

Nutrient-balanced, customized fertilizer for a healthy, stunning lawn.

We've Helped Them All,
We Can Help You, Too

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Over-Achieving DIYer

  • Did his homework, watched all the YouTube videos
  • Still had weeds that would not go away
  • Hired Turf Masters and saw improvement within months

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Rocky, The Dog

  • Weeds are taking over and he has nowhere to play
  • Won't pee on anything but luscious, green grass
  • With Turf Masters, his territory is green, thriving, and ready to play fetch

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Unhappy Wife

  • Husband thinks he knows how to fix the yard
  • Wants him to spend more time with her and the kids, not watching the grass
  • Scheduled Turf Masters and now they're off on a vacation

A Comprehensive Program For A Healthy Lawn You'll Love

Turf Masters utilizes unique, properly timed treatments of pre- and post-emergent weed controls and fertilization designed to keep your lawn looking its best year-round.

Our Annual 7-Treatment Lawn Care Program

We can start your lawn care service anytime during the year, but your results may vary depending on the time of year you start. We recommend a full year of treatment for optimal results.

Late Winter Treatment

Winter and early spring treatments include pre- and post-emergent weed control. This will help prevent future weeds and knock back any existing weeds in the lawn. This is a vital treatment for having a beautiful, healthy lawn in the spring.

dormant lawn

Early Spring Treatment

This application includes pre-emergent weed controls to prevent crabgrass and other common weeds in the coming months. This treatment also includes post-emergents to control and knock back existing weeds. We highly recommended core aeration for warm-season lawns at the start of the growing season.

poa Annua weeds in lawn

Late Spring Treatment

Late spring and summer treatments include more pre-emergent materials to provide extended weed control through the growing season. These treatments also include post-emergent weed controls to kill existing weeds, and specialty fertilizers for overall turf health and color.

dandelions in lawn

Summer Treatment

Summer treatments include a custom-blended fertilizer for a healthy lawn and more post-emergent products to control and knock back existing weeds.
chamberbitter weed

Late Summer Treatment

Summer applications will include more post-emergent treatments for existing weeds where needed. We will continue using specialty fertilizers to ensure a thick, green lawn.
weeds in lawn

Fall Treatment

Fall and early winter treatments include pre- and post-emergent applications designed to control invasive winter annual weeds such as poa annua, henbit, and others. These treatments also include root fertilizers to maintain turf health during winter dormancy, making your turf much stronger in the spring.

bittercress in lawn

Winter Treatment

This treatment includes pre- and post-emergent applications designed to prevent future weeds and control invasive winter annual weeds like bittercress and chickweed.
lawn going into dormancy

Late Winter Treatment

This treatment includes pre-emergent weed controls to provide extended weed control through the growing season. These treatments also include post-emergent weed controls to kill existing weeds, and specialty fertilizers for overall turf health and color.

Early Spring Treatment

This treatment includes treating both existing and future weeds with the application of pre- and post-emergent weed control. We also apply our custom-blended fertilizer for overall lawn health and color.

common chickweed

Late Spring Treatment

Late spring and summer treatments include post-emergents to reduce the number of existing weeds and custom-blended fertilizers to maintain turf health.

team member applying products to lawn

Summer Treatment

Yep, more post-emergent weed controls are applied to control and kills existing weeds. We also apply custom-blended fertilizers to maintain the overall turf health. Please note: Brown Patch Fungus is a common disease found in Fescue lawns in late spring and summer. Unfortunately, this disease isn't controlled with our regular Lawn Care Program but can be prevented and controlled with a Fungicide program.

chamberbitter in lawn

Late Summer Treatment

This treatment includes more post-emergents to knock back existing weeds. We highly recommend Core Aeration and Overseeding for Fescue lawns from late August through October. Most Fescue lawns will lose up to 30% of the turf during hot summers in the south and Core Aeration and Seeding help to re-establish any bare or thin areas in the lawn affected by summer heat and disease.

drought stress in fescue

Fall Treatment

This treatment is focused on new seed establishment and turf recovery from the hot weather stresses of summer. We will apply a balanced starter fertilizer to provide the nutrients required to bring seedlings to maturity. Weed controls are withheld until new seedlings are well-developed and can survive treatment.

thistle in Fescue lawn

Winter Treatment

In this treatment, we'll apply more slow-release fertilizer providing the necessary nutrients for new grass growth. Weed controls are withheld until new seedlings are well-developed and can survive treatment.

team member treating lawn

We Believe In Giving You 
A Lawn You Can Be Proud Of

And, most of all, we offer a level of care and service that only a local company can provide.

22.3 Million

Acres Of Grass Treated Annually


Services Completed Every Year

1.7 Million Hours

Back To Homeowners For Not DIYing

Experience Turf Masters' 
Comprehensive Lawn Care Program

We're confident you'll be happy and won't look anywhere else.

Lawn Care And Beyond

Our Suite of Services Compliment Our Custom Lawn Care Programs

We specialize in comprehensive lawn care services, including fertilization and weed control for Zoysia, Bermuda, and Fescue lawns.

We also offer Lime Treatments, Tree & Shrub Care, Core Aeration, Core Aeration & Seeding, Growth Regulators, Fungicide Treatments, Mosquito Control, and Fire Ant Control.

We Value Customer Feedback

Reviews and feedback from our customers are invaluable. The feedback allows us to address any concerns and issues that customers may have. It also allows us to recognize a job well done and praise our team members. Read some of the feedback our customers have left for us.

Dave L.

All I can say is WOW. Turf Masters is one of the best lawn care companies I've ever had. I have tried to take care of this myself and it got out of control. They came out and took care of my lawn and now it looks really good. I could not recommend them enough. All I can say is try it for yourself and you will not be disappointed.

Andrew L.

Used them for 2 years and counting. Terrific service, great results, excellent price.

Katy B.

Our lawn has never looked so good since hiring Turf Masters! We've used other companies in the past, so it was easy to see the difference in professionalism and results. They are quick to respond to us and have reasonable rates that allow us to have the best lawn we can have!

Jamie K.

Had Turf Masters take over lawn care last year. I Was beginning to lose control of the yard, but within 3 months it was under control, and my yard was green and lush all throughout the summer months, and had no weeds during the winter months. So far this year, it has stayed clear and has a very rich green color.

Kelly P.

Our yard looks better than ever! We love the service Turf Masters has provided. In a short amount of time, our yard has gone from patchy grass with a lot of weeds, to looking like a golf course! The technicians are on top of what needs to be done, and will always handle questions or concerns.

Tina G.

My experience with Turf Masters has been GREAT!! Every time they show up to service my lawn, they ring the front bell to let me know they are here. 7 months later, I have THE GREENEST LAWN in the neighborhood! My Rep (Shawn) has always been responsive in answering my questions and coaching me along the way.

Great communication, great service…HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

LaAngel E.

I love that I'm actually seeing results, my grass is weed-free and plush. The lawn technicians are always nice and work around my existing flowers and shrubs with ease.

Jeff L.

Have been with Turf Masters for around 15 years and my fescue lawn is consistently one of the best, if not the best, in my neighborhood. Nice deep green color. Also, have them do the fungicide treatments in the summer to prevent brown patch. I have them aerate and overseed every September, doing this keeps a thick lush lawn. Could not be more pleased with Turf Masters! Have referred several neighbors over the years. Great service all around!

Gary D.

We've used Turf Masters for several years and they have been diligent about keeping our lawn in excellent condition. More importantly, whenever we've had a concern about the yard they have been incredibly responsive.

a group of people lying down for a photo in grass