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Fire Ant Control
Protect Your Family & Pets From Fire Ants

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The More You Know...

The Red Imported Fire Ant and Southern Fire Ant are commonly found in yards that have not had preventative treatment. Though both types of fire ants can sting, the Red Imported Fire Ant is more aggressive and its sting can cause reactions ranging from irritation to nausea to more severe reactions.

Fire ants build large mounds, most often, in open, sunny areas. Colonies can also be located in or under buildings. Their mounds can grow up to 24″ in height under the right soil conditions. We apply the appropriate product at the appropriate time for the most effective results.

It is easier to prevent fire ant colonization than to eliminate existing colonies after an infestation. Trust Turf Masters to treat your yard for fire ants to ensure your family and pets can enjoy our yard without the fear of being stung by fire ants.

Protect Your Yard, Family & Pets From Fire Ants

Fire Ant Control Is Essential 

At Turf Masters, we utilize the most environmentally responsible methods aimed to eliminate the entire colony of fire ants. A one-time application of our treatment ensures a fire-ant-free yard for up to 1 year. GUARANTEED.

Fire Ant Frequently Asked Questions

Do fire ants bite or sting?

Fire ants are aggressive, venomous insects that sting. Their sting can cause painful and itchy welts that turn into blisters.

When were fire ants introduced to America? 

They were first introduced to the US between 1933 and 1945

How long do fire ants live?

Minor workers may live 30 to 60 days, while major workers may live 90 to 180 days. The queens have a longer life span-they can live two to six years.

How big can fire ant mounds get?  

The mounds can be up to 2-4 square feet in size.