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Lime Applications
For Balanced Soil Acidity

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Lime Is Essential For Proper Lawn Care

If you've ever tried DIYing your lawn fertilization and weed control, you know it can be daunting. A lot goes into proper lawn care. Whether you're a DIYer or choose to hire a professional, we can all agree that a lush, green, healthy lawn that outshines your neighbors is the desired outcome. But many DIYers often overlook an important treatment -- a lime application.

Lime is a soil amendment made from finely ground limestone. The lime used to treat the soil in lawns, gardens, and other landscape parts come from natural limestone. It has a high concentration of natural magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate used to neutralize acidic soil.

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Signs Your Lawn Needs Lime

  • You have sandy or clay soil. Both of these are naturally acidic.
  • Weeds or moss quickly grow in your yard.
  • Fertilizers don't appear to be working. They can be less effective when the soil's pH is too acidic.
  • Grass doesn't green up or fade sooner than it should.
  • You've recently experienced a drought, and your lawn is struggling to recover.
  • Thinning of lawn.

Any number of external factors can cause acidity. The soil in our areas is naturally acidic, and over time, they acidify more or reverts back to previously raised levels. Acidity levels can increase when heavy rainfall, the alkaline runs off, or the lawn is over-fertilized. Whatever the cause, your lawn will benefit from a maintenance lime application by a lawn care professional annually.

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