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We Value Your Feedback

We Value Customer Feedback

Here's what our customers are saying about us. We believe that your reviews and feedback are invaluable. It allows us to make sure we keep your lawn needs as our top priority and allows us to recognize a job well done and praise our team members when they get it right.

Jerry & Tanya T.

We have been Very Satisfied with the Quality of Service for over 15 years. Thank you

Alejandro C.

It's fall season and so the leaves are dropping a lot as we all know. We much appreciate the tech that came out to complete our service. Took the time to blow out some of the leaves to do the service. Thank you !!

Lauren M.

Turf Masters is reliable, reputable, and effective. Our lawn has never looked better!

Thomas S.

I knew when you were coming, and you came when promised. My yard looks great!

Jan B.

My grass looks so thick and healthy. They do an outstanding job

Travis L.

My yard is weed free and green and thick. If any weeds do pop up, it is taken care of on the next service.

Robert S.

I appreciate your professionalism, communication, and reliability. The lawn looks great! Keep up the great work guys!!

Linda B.

The associate knocked on the door to announce his arrival. He did the treatment and left a note commenting on the procedure. And by the way, I totally appreciate the Annual review. I did all the recommended trimming of the bushes, over growing the lawn. All is much improved. Thank you for your perfect recommendations!

John A.

Our lawn looks much better than the way it looked when we tried our lawn services before going to you.

Curt & Jennifer B.

The yard always looks good and stands out over neighbors' yards.

Gary & Teresa M.

I am very pleased with the services provided. The technicians are always pleasant. Whenever a problem occurs they always respond promptly. I will be sure to share Turf Masters to my friends and colleagues.

James P.

Service has been great for the past three years. Will not use anyone else. Turf Masters is my company.

Jennifer & Lance R.

Tech did a very thorough job and spent a good deal of time treating our property.

Kathy W.

All the weeds are gone, my yard is beautiful and we get a lot of compliments on it. The price is reasonable, everyone is friendly and the stress it takes away from me is worth it all.

George M.

My lawn has never looked this good, excellent service has brought my line back to life

Sam G.

Outstanding service- blew front and back yard before applying treatment and moved his truck and cones from a house that was only 5' feet from my yard to my yard. The technician did an outstanding job and and was very professional.

Family playing soccer in a weed free lawn