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planting a Garden

Preparing Your Garden for the Fall

After being exposed to the brutal summer heat, your yard is ready to be rejuvenated for the fall. Weather will start to get cooler, which means it’s time to switch gears in your yard. One area that’s going to need your attention is your garden. Everyone, from beginners to seasoned experts, can use the following tips to ensure your garden is even better next year.

Give your garden what it needs to sustain a healthy fall season and come back better next spring with these easy tips:

  • Evaluate the damage. Your summer garden can be a great indicator of how well your plants have held up this season. Take note of which plants thrived and which plants failed so you know how to prepare your garden for next spring. Some plants may work better in your yard while others just aren’t going to work due to many factors like soil, shade or sun, etc.
  • Check for diseases. Assess the overall health of your garden and plants in order to find the root of any problems. This helps you make sure they don’t happen again. To help you identify some diseases, view our blog posts here. You can always give us a call if you notice any damage that may be due to a plant disease. We offer tree and shrub services that may be able to help.

Preparing Your Garden for the Fall

  • Clear out your garden. You’ll want to uproot any weeds or debris, and dig up non-hardy bulbs for the winter. If any plants outgrew their area, go ahead and divide them.
  • Trade out seasonal plants. It’s out with the old and in with the new. Take warm-weather plants and flowers out of window boxes and garden beds, and replace them with cooler-weather plants.

Preparing Your Garden for the Fall

Clearing out your garden will give you a fresh place to start. Provide your yard with a smooth transition as it’s confronted with cooler weather. Beginning this process in August will give you plenty of time before the cold of winter really starts to take place (which is much later in the Southeast).

In need of further assistance maintaining your lawn, trees and shrubs? We’d love to help with our comprehensive fertilization and weed control program!