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The Do’s and Don’ts of Mulching

You want your soil to retain as many nutrients as possible in order to keep your lawn happy and healthy. A great way to do that is with mulch. Mulch can help to reduce weed growth and slow the evaporation of water. It can also make your yard look great.

Installing mulch in your yard can have many benefits, but you want to make sure you’re using it the right way. Here are the do’s and don’ts when it comes to mulching:


  1. Do take advantage of its aesthetic value. Choose a colored mulch that will complement your home and the rest of your landscape. Try picking a darker colored mulch to accent the plants and flowers you have in your yard!
  2. Do inspect your entire landscape before mulching. You never want to mulch one little area before looking at the whole picture. Make sure mulching is going to be reasonable for your yard and fit into the style of your landscape.
  3. Do clean out an old mulch bed. If you’re re-applying mulch to an area, make sure to remove some of the old mulch that has built up to keep your soil healthy underneath.
  4. Do experiment with different types. Play around with the different styles of mulches to find just what your yard needs.


  1. Don’t leave bare soil exposed. Mulch has environmental benefits and covering soil with it can prevent erosion and runoff.
  2. Don’t forget to mulch around trees. Mulching around trees, especially younger ones, will help protect the trunk. Just be sure not to stack it right around the trunk.

Give your soil and plants the protection they need, and give your landscape a clean, healthy look by mulching. Are you a fan of mulch? We’d love to hear from you!