Newly planted trees & shrubs can take a while to become fully established in your garden, especially when planted in the fall. Here are a few tips you can do to make sure your new plants survive the winter:

  1. MULCH: Mulching around your new shrubs increases water retention and regulates soil temperatures.
  2. WATER:  Contrary to popular belief, watering roots of plantings will actually act as an insulation and protect the roots.  Plant cells that are plump with water will be stronger against cold damage.  While the top few inches of soil may be frozen, the ground underneath is not and getting adequate water to the roots is vital to keep your shrubs from drying out.  
  3. COVER: Cover Shrubs and Trees: Larger plants, such as shrubs and trees, can be covered with fabric such as a bed sheet, commercial frost cloth, burlap or an inverted bucket or flower pot. Avoid using plastic. For optimal results, drape the cover over a frame to avoid contact with the foliage. Fabric covers tend to trap heat radiating upward from the soil, so ensure that the protective cover extends all the way to the ground. Remove the cover in the morning, once the temperature rises above freezing.

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