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Core aerated and seeding lawn

The Top 6 Benefits of Fall Core Aeration and Seeding For Your Fescue Lawn

It’s that time of year. Before we know it, the leaves will start changing and the cool weather will arrive.  Fall is one of our favorite seasons. Why? Core aeration and seeding. For fescue grass, core aeration and seeding is imperative and will make your lawn one of the most scenic parts of nature this fall.

What is Core Aeration and Seeding?

Core aeration is the process of removing plugs from your lawn, freeing up space for oxygen, water and other nutrients to be absorbed. This is followed up with overseeding – applying fescue seed to your lawn. We also cover the thin areas of grass to insulate the seed and ensure success.

With fescue being a cool season grass, the coming months are an ideal time to have core aeration and seeding done. The benefits of this process speak for themselves.

6 Benefits of Fall Core Aeration and Seeding

1. Loosen up soil. When core aeration is completed and plugs are removed from your lawn, your soil will finally be able to breathe. By reducing how compact your soil is, your grass is able to more quickly absorb the nutrients it needs to grow.

2. Reduce thatch. Thatch is clippings from mowing your lawn that has accumulated and clumped together. A little bit of thatch is healthy for you lawn, but too much will slow your grass down and weaken the turf.

3. Seeds germinate easier. Seeds find refuge where those plugs used to be before aeration. Along with the nutrients they are receiving from healthier soil, the perfect environment gets seeds moving quick. This means your lawn will be looking good quick.

4. Say bye to bare areas. Areas that already had a good amount of grass will start to look fuller. Thin and bare areas will catch up quick, making your entire lawn an autumn dream.

5. Fight weeds. Weeds and lawn diseases love the easy targets. Core aeration and seeding gives your lawn optimum health to fight these grass killers. A thick lawn is the best defense for fighting weeds.

6. Look good, fast. Core aeration and seeding gives your fescue lawn the best environment to grow in. You can typically see the result of seed germination in about 7-10 days.

We would love to talk today about your aeration and seeding needs to get your lawn looking the best it ever has. All you’ll have to do is sit back and enjoy your yard.