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Fall Pre-emergents 1 full year of lawn care

Fall Pre-emergents

As fall temperatures move in and your grass goes into dormancy, it's time to sit back and relax, right? Wrong! Fall is one of the most important times to add pre-emergents to your lawn. Our hot summers in the southeast are brutal. Not only do we feel the heat and humidity; but so does our lawn. Proper professional care for your lawn can keep it healthy year-round. Keep reading to learn why now is an important time to start your lawn care program.

How fall pre-emergents help

Simply put, what you do now affects how your lawn looks in the spring. Applying pre-emergents will help curtail the number of weeds in your lawn next spring. Common winter weeds like poa Annua and chickweed germinate in the winter and emerge in early spring. By applying pre-emergents in the fall and winter, we reduce their ability to germinate.

Winter weeds targeted with fall pre-emergents

  • Henbit - This winter annual weed has green stems with a purple flower. They're quite pretty when they bloom in spring, but most homeowners don't want them in their yards. If left alone, they can grow up to 16 inches tall and invade thin turf areas quickly.
  • Chickweed - Even though this European native weed tastes delicious in salads, it's not something you want in your lawn. With the ability to produce over 800 seeds and lay dormant in your soil for 10 years, this is a weed you want to prevent.
  • Dandelions - This perennial broadleaf weed produces a deep taproot and seed. For pre-emergents to be effective on dandelions, they must be applied in the fall and winter before the seeds have a chance to germinate.
  • Poa annua - Also called annual bluegrass, this is a fast growing, bright green, grassy winter weed that can grow up to 15 inches tall. It's one of the most problematic weeds and is difficult to control.

By applying pre-emergents in the fall and winter, you will have less weeds in your lawn come springtime. The idea is to prevent weed growth before it starts. Timing of the fall pre-emergent applications is critical. As temperatures cool winter weeds germinate. Lawns that receive fall applications will start next year clean and healthy. Once you see weeds in your lawn, it's too late for pre-emergents.

Everything takes time. Even though it seems like weeds popped up overnight, they don't. That's the same for treating them. They won't go away overnight but all good things come to those who wait.

Below is a lawn we started in March of 2021. No fall pre-emergents were applied in the fall of 2020. However, after being on our lawn care program for over a year and going through our full 7 treatments, the lawn is now weed free. A picture is worth a thousand words so, are you ready to get started? Contact The Nice Guys today to get started on our Lawn Care Program.

Fall Pre-emergents
March 2021
Fall Pre-emergents
July 2022