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Spring Lawn Care Guide

Our Guide to Spring Lawn Care in the Southeast

Spring is a time of renewal and new growth for southern lawns. By following our spring lawn care guide, you'll be well-equipped to tackle crucial spring lawn care tasks, as well as mosquito control and shrubbery care to maintain a healthy, inviting lawn and landscape. Prepare for the warmth of the upcoming seasons and turn your outdoor space into a vibrant oasis!

When to Start Spring Lawn Care Prep

In the Southeast, early spring is the perfect time to kickstart your lawn maintenance. As the weather warms up, warm-season grasses start transitioning out of winter dormancy, to prepare for their active growing season - summer! In the southeast, early spring, around mid-February to early March, is the best time to start spring lawn care.

Spring Lawn Care Tips for Homeowners

Spring lawn care will set the tone for how your lawn looks throughout summer. Whether you have a warm-season lawn like bermudagrass, zoysia grass, or St. Augustine grass, or a cool-season fescue lawn, southern lawns need care and attention come springtime. We've compiled a checklist of all the most important lawn care tasks to schedule this spring.


It's time to take the lawn mower out of storage! We recommend replacing the mower blades at the start of the season to ensure a healthy, fresh cut. Mowing with dull blades will cause uneven cuts or tears on the grass blades and stress to the lawn. Set your lawn mower to the recommended height for your type of grass. For warm-season lawns, a lower mowing height will remove dead grass and promote healthy, new growth as the lawn wakes up. Bag grass clippings after the first mow to limit thatch build-up. For cool-season grasses, maintain a moderate mowing height to encourage a healthy and vibrant lawn.

Weed Control

Springtime is crucial for weed control and weed prevention. Common spring weeds like poa annua and dandelions may start breaking through. They can be treated with a post-emergent herbicide, along with any other existing weeds. We apply a spring pre-emergent to prevent upcoming summer weeds, like crabgrass or goosegrass.


You should also prepare to start your watering schedule again. In early spring, rainfall should cover what your lawn needs, which is about one inch per week. Pay attention to your local weather. However, for new sod planted in spring, additional watering is crucial to keep the new grass hydrated while establishing itself.

Core Aeration

One of the best things you can do for a warm-season lawn in late spring is aeration. Core aeration helps break down thatch build-up and soil compaction and encourages stronger root growth. Lawns become worn down naturally as we use them, from foot traffic, mowing, and general year-round use, lawns experience a lot of stress. Aeration also makes future lawn care efforts more effective by alleviating soil compaction, which allows water, fertilizer, air, and other important nutrients to better reach the grassroots.

Springtime Tree and Shrub Care

Spring is a time to start caring for trees and ornamental shrubs in your landscape. Trim and prune dead branches, mulch around trees and shrubs, and Turf Masters will apply slow-release fertilizer to promote healthy growth during the spring. Fertilizers and micronutrients in the spring will help wake up the plants and encourage healthy growth throughout the year. A slow-release nitrogen fertilizer will prevent a surge of growth but provide the plant with what it needs at the beginning of the growing season to last throughout the entire season. Now is the time to get on schedule for a professional tree and shrub care service!

When to Start Mosquito Control

Begin your mosquito control efforts in early spring to prevent infestations as temperatures rise. Mosquito activity increases during hot, humid weather conditions. Eliminate areas of standing water around your home as they can become breeding sites for mosquitoes. You can use mosquito repellent products to help limit bites, but you may also consider professional mosquito control treatments for better protection throughout the summer.

Enjoy a Healthy and Beautiful Lawn Year-Round

Maintaining a lush, healthy lawn in the Southeast can be quite a chore. That's why homeowners can turn to The Nice Guys at Turf Masters Lawn Care. We offer lawn care services for southern lawns, with branches in Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina. In addition to lawn care, we provide tree and shrub care, mosquito control, "double pass" core aeration, and more. Contact us today for a free quote!