Lawn Care Program

A comprehensive program for a healthy lawn

Turf Masters offers a lawn care program designed specifically for your turf type.

Turf Masters’ comprehensive Lawn Care Program utilizes unique combinations of properly timed treatments consisting of pre- and post-emergent weed controls, fertilization and lime designed to keep your lawn healthy and looking its best all year long. Our 7-round program is specialized for your specific type of grass.  We complete our turf lawn service in 7 rounds–what normally takes our competitors 8 or 9.

7 Treatments Per Year

Unlike our competitors, our turf care program only requires 7 applications to ensure a beautiful and healthy lawn. Our lawn maintenance program produces thick, dense turf more resistant to weeds, disease and drought.

Weed Prevention

We apply pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides to kill existing lawn weeds and prevent future growth as part of our lawn care program. Our applications focus on preventing weeds before they start to grow.


Our synchronized weed treatment and fertilization program includes applications of balanced fertilizer. Because of the custom fertilizer we use, your lawn receives the nutrients needed for growth and color.

Lawn Care Program for Warm Season Grasses

Warm season turfs, including Bermuda and Zoysia, are common in our area.  Centipede and St. Augustine are less common and only serviced by our Birmingham and Jackson branches.

Our Program for Warm Season Lawns:

  • Winter and early spring treatments include lime to maintain proper soil pH, pre-emergent weed controls to prevent crabgrass during the summer months and post-emergent weed controls to control existing weeds.  Remember, what you do in the winter affects how your lawn will look in the spring.
  • Late spring and summer treatments include more pre-emergents to provide extended weed control through the growing season.  These treatment also include specialty fertilizers and post-emergents for overall turf health and color and knocking back existing weeds.  
  • Core aeration is recommended in the spring for warm-season turfs.  Though an additional service not included with your regular Lawn Care Program, aeration is important because it promotes growth and allows water, nutrients and oxygen to better reach the grass roots.
  • Fall and early winter treatments include pre- and post-emergents designed to control invasive winter annual weeds such as Poa annua, henbit and others.  These treatments also include root fertilizers to maintain turf health during winter dormancy.

Beautiful, green Bermuda lawn

Lawn Care Program for Cool Season Grasses

Fescue is most common cool season grass homeowners have in our area.  Though it requires the most maintenance of any grass sustainable in the southeast, it is the most shade and cold weather tolerant.

Our Program for Fescue Lawns:

  • Winter and early spring lawn treatments include pre-emergents to prevent crabgrass.  We apply a blended fertilizer for health and color, and post-emergent weed control for existing weeds.
  • Late spring and summer treatments include more pre-emergents for extended crabgrass control through the summer and post-emergents to reduce the number of existing weeds.  We also apply specialty fertilizers and lime.
  • Please note: Brown Patch Fungus is a common disease found in Fescue lawns in late spring and summer.  Unfortunately, this disease isn’t controlled with our regular Lawn Care Program but can be prevented and controlled with an additional service, Fungicide Treatments.
  • Core Aeration and Overseeding is highly recommended for Fescue lawns in late August through October.  Most Fescue lawns will lose up to 30% of the turf during hot summers in the south and Core Aeration and Seeding helps to re-establish any bare or thin areas in the lawn affected by summer heat and disease.
  • Fall and early winter treatments are focused on new seed establishment and turf recovery from the hot weather stresses of summer. A balanced starter fertilization followed by a slow release fertilizer are applied to provide nutrients required to bring seedlings to maturity. Weed controls are withheld until new seedlings are well developed and can survive treatment.

Green Fescue grass

Leave your lawn care to the professionals at Turf Masters.


Maintaining an attractive lawn can be an overwhelming task for the average person.  Lawn care and turfgrass professionals often spend years becoming educated on turf management.  Our Route Managers receive ongoing education to stay up with the latest techniques.
We understand that creating a quality lawn requires a general knowledge of turf types,  soil types, fertilizers, and insect, disease and weed management.

Why You Should Hire a Professional:

  • We are industry experts who know the specific turf types in your area!
  • We use professional herbicides and fertilizers not available to the public.
  • You don’t have to worry about what products to use, how much to use or when to apply.
  • We can help prevent future weeds and diseases.
  • You will have more time to spend with your family actually enjoying your yard.
  • You don’t have to rent or buy equipment, such as aerators and seeders.
  • Did we mention we are industry experts?

Lastly, we can save you time, money and headaches.  Read more tips on hiring a professional.

But we can’t do it alone! Your Route Manager will educate you on proper mowing and watering for your specific turf type.  Together, we can achieve a beautiful lawn!

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