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Williamson, GA

We Are Ready To Care For Your Lawn

Turf Masters -Williamson, GA

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Free re-treatments if those pesky weeds return.

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When it comes to lawn care, Turf Masters can customize services to optimize the health and color of your lawn.

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We treat 55,000+ lawns like they're our own.

Love From Our Williamson Customers

Reviews and feedback from our customers are invaluable. The feedback allows us to address any concerns and issues that customers may have. It also allows us to recognize a job well done and praise our team members. Read the feedback our customers have left for us below.

Paula B.

Very pleased with the results achieved with one year of Turf Masters services. Looking forward see even more improvements this year. Thanks

Mark O.

The service tech actually blew leaves off the yard before treating it. That was unexpected.

Ronald J.

Consistent quality and level of service.

Brent E.

They are willing to stand behind their product quality

Jim P.

Appreciate the excellent communication from TM. Note on door after service call, email with more thorough description of the service and good advice about what I should do on my end in between your visits. Best of all, I am happy with the improvements that my yard has made and look forward to a lot more in the spring.

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We Love Our Williamson Area Family

Williamson is located less than an hour south of Atlanta. As with many Georgia cities, Williamson was established as a railroad stop when two lines crossed at this point. The city was named after Judge Ike Williamson as he donated much of the land for the railroad. The city was incorporated in 1970. The largest attraction in rural Williamson is the The Candler Field Museum, which has been created the resemble the old Atlanta airport as it existed in the 1920s and 1930s.

With a branch location in Jackson, we can easily and effectively service homeowners' lawns in the area. Our comprehensive Lawn Care Program produces healthier, thicker, and denser turf for better resistance to weeds, disease, and drought throughout the year. The 8-round program includes fertilization, soil conditioning, and pre-emergent/post-emergent weed control. Products used vary depending on your specific type of grass.