Don't Cut Off All The Green

We have some mowing tips for you... and a little secret.

Proper mowing is imperative for the health of your lawn.

Below are tips on proper mowing for your warm-season grass and information on a lawn care industry secret—Growth Regulators.

We’re ‘The Nice Guys’ and are always here to help.

Mowing Tips

– Mow regularly and frequently enough so you don't cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade in one cutting. 
– Use a sharp mower blade. A dull blade tears the grass blade rather than making a clean cut.
– Mow your Bermuda, Zoysia or other warm-season turf at a height of 1-2”.

I Want To Mow Less

So now you know the proper way to mow, but do you really enjoy spending hours each week—and maybe more—mowing your grass?

Or would you rather spend your time with your family, golfing or doing whatever makes you happy?

If you are the latter, we have the secret—Growth Regulators!  Growth Regulators can reduce the frequency of your mowing and help you have a thicker, denser turf.

Growth Regulators work by suppressing the vertical growth of warm-season grass like Bermuda and Zoysia. When the vertical growth is stunted, lateral growth is stimulated, creating a thick, dense and more weed resistant turf.

You no longer have to stress about missing a mowing or cutting off all the green with Growth Regulators!  But the benefits go beyond mowing.

Benefits of Growth Regulators:

  • Go up to 3 weeks without mowing
  • Less watering and improved water usage
  • Greener grass into the fall
  • Greater weed suppression
  • Thicker turf
  • Avoid “cutting off all the green”
  • Improved drought tolerance
  • Increased disease resistance

Our Program consists of 5 treatments spaced approximately 30 days apart. Even if you start later in the growing season, you will still see the benefits.

No Harm & Not A Herbicide

Growth Regulators do not harm your turf.  They do not interfere with plant respiration, photosynthesis or other internal functions that could be damaging.  They stimulate the lateral growth of rhizomes and stolons resulting in a thicker, denser turf.  The plant roots are also stimulated to grow.  This is what allows you to mow less.

Growth Regulators are not weed control herbicides and do not kill weeds; however, they may have the same “slowing growth” effect on certain weeds as they do on grasses. The improved weed control comes more from the development of a thicker turf more resistant to weeds.

I Want To Mow Less

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