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Are your customers’ lawns as green as they could be?

Turf Masters, established in 2002, is locally owned and operated with multiple locations throughout the Southeast.  We know how tough it is to keep a lawn looking great and the extra care that’s required to keep it weed free.

By partnering with Turf Masters Lawn Care for lawn fertilization and weed control, you can achieve the sought after beautiful, green lawn for your customers!  We also offer other services including Aeration, Aeration & SeedingFungicide Treatments and Growth Regulators.  We have the expertise, experience, appropriate commercial-grade equipment and quality products needed to help prevent weeds and provide fertilization and these other valuable services.

We’re looking for a few local landscapers to partner with us. As a Landscaper Partner, you can continue to provide your customers with superior lawn maintenance, while we focus on providing a comprehensive fertilization and weed control program.


Here are a few ways we make this easier on you:

State Compliance

We handle all record keeping and maintain all insurance to keep you compliant with state regulations.


We have more than 40 years of experience and service more than 35K lawns each year.


We have adequate insurance in the amount of $5M to protect your customers and your business.

Quality Products and Service

We invest in the latest generation of EPA approved products to ensure superior results.  Our knowledgeable, well-trained Route Managers apply the correct blends of lawn fertilizer in the proper amounts and the right time.

We’re proud to be continually recognized as an industry leader for quality, customer care and results.  You can count on us as a
valued partner for your business.  We pride ourselves on always doing the right thing.

Don’t let weeds eat at your profits.

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