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Aeration & Seeding For A Healthy Fescue Lawn

Aeration & Seeding For A Healthy Fescue Lawn

Aeration and seeding is an important service for our customers who have a cool-season Fescue lawn.  And fall is the best time to do it. 

We complete aeration and seeding services in September and October, just as we’re entering the peak growing season for Fescue turf. The cool nights and warm days of fall give new Fescue seeds the perfect conditions to germinate and establish a deep root system for a healthier lawn throughout the year.

What is Aeration and Seeding?

Aeration is the process of removing soil plugs from the lawn. We mechanically remove these small, one to two inch plugs, with a professional aerator machine.  The plugs of soil are left on top of the grass. 

Aeration not only provides soil decompaction, but allows water, oxygen and nutrients to reach deep into the root zone of the turf. When these elements get deep into the roots, the small microorganisms living in your soil are able to break down thatch, the spongy layer of decaying material left over from mowing. Ridding your lawn of excessive thatch is important because it can slow turf growth and weaken the grass blades.

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Overseeding is the process of putting new Fescue seeds throughout your lawn. Overseeding your Fescue lawn annually helps to fill out bare and thin spots in the turf, as well as improving the overall health, appearance and color of your lawn. It also helps to protect against weeds, drought stress and disease damage.

Why is Aeration and Overseeding so important?

It’s important because if you don’t introduce new seeds to your Fescue lawn, it will not survive. Unlike warm-season grasses that spread horizontally, Fescue grows in clumps vertically, which hinders its ability for self-repair from damage. This means that Fescue lawns must be seeded annually to continue growing new grass. 

If a Fescue lawn is seeded without aeration, there will be little to no results in new turf growth. The small holes provided by aerating promote deeper and faster seed germination for thicker, healthier grass. 

Why choose Turf Masters for Aeration & Seeding?

Turf Masters provides the highest quality aeration and seeding service, complete with a professional core aeration and specially selected Fescue seed.

Our famous “double pass” core aeration method covers the entire property twice, ensuring maximum de-compaction of the soil. 

After a core-aeration, we overseed with a custom-blended Fescue seed. We broker our own seed based on findings from the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program, for a Fescue seed more resistant to drought, disease and heat stress. You will not find this specially crafted seed in any big box store.

Schedule your aeration and seeding before it’s too late.  Contact us today.