Aeration & Seeding

A must for a beautiful Fescue lawn

Ready for thicker Fescue lawn that is more resistant to drought and disease?

Core aeration and seeding promotes growth in bare areas and helps your Fescue lawn better resist drought, heat and fungi.
Our Famous “Double Pass” Aeration is the removal of small plugs from the soil allowing oxygen, water and nutrients to get down in the soil. After aeration, we over-seed your lawn with a blend of Fescue seed tested for maximum tolerance against drought and disease.

Benefits of Core Aeration & Seeding:

  • Loosens the clay soil allowing oxygen, water and nutrients to reach the roots
  • Helps roots grow deep so lawn can better tolerate drought, heat and fungi
  • Controls thatch by providing oxygen to the microorganisms that break down the thatch layer
  • Improves drainage
  • Promotes growth in thin, bare areas

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Seeding after aeration is important because Fescue is a clump-style grass and spreads primarily through tillers. Tillers are vertical shoots that grow from the base of the grass plant itself. More importantly, though Fescue does produce short rhizomes, its spreading capacity and ability to self-repair after damage is limited. Therefore, seeding is imperative.

At Turf Masters, we broker our own seed for over-seeding. We choose our seed based on findings from the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP).  Above all, we only choose varieties of Fescue seeds shown to have superior resistance to drought, disease and heat stress. Starting with the best seed makes a big difference.

You won’t find this seed in any big box store!

Fall is the best time to Aerate and Seed your Fescue lawn.

You may not be thinking of a vibrant green lawn as temperatures cool and leaves begin to fall, but autumn is a critical time to take important steps toward ensuring a beautiful lawn year-round. Fall is the start of the peak growing season for Fescue turf. Therefore, aerating and over-seeding in the fall—cool nights and warm days—allows the new seed to germinate and establish a deep root system for a healthier lawn next year.
Furthermore, this service is completed by our experienced Route Managers using commercial grade aerators and a custom blended seed.

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