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Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Tree & Shrub Fertilization

When it comes to fertilizing, you can’t neglect your trees and shrubs. Turf Masters’ Tree and Shrub Care Program provides your plants with the nutrients needed for success.

Dormant Feeding of Trees & Shrubs

Fertilizing trees and shrubs through late winter or early spring is important, as the plants are still actively growing below ground. 

Trees and shrubs can be fertilized heavier at this time, without the risk of leaf burn. This is because, in the fall, plants stop sending water and minerals up to the leaves. Instead, they will use these nutrients to increase root mass, and to store up food for the winter as well. By fertilizing at this time of year, you allow the shrubs and trees to store up food as it sees fit for next year’s growth. This is referred to as dormant feeding, since above ground growth has stopped, while underground these plants are not dormant at all. The roots are very active (until the ground freezes) and will grab the fertilizer quickly.

Rather than applying product on the foliage, we cover the soil surface with our liquid fertilizer.  This method allows the product to flow through the soil to the roots from the top down.   We use granular products the same way.  The solid pieces break down over time and feed the plant from the surface down.   The excess nutrients are stored in the roots and become immediately available when needed for new growth. 

Benefits of Winter Fertilization

Fertilizing trees and shrubs during the winter also promotes the following benefits:

  • Vigorous tree growth
  • Expansion of the root system
  • Restoring nutrients from the soil
  • Diminishing stress

Turf Masters Round One Tree & Shrub Application

In our Tree and Shrub Round One, we apply a fertilizer to all ornamental trees and shrubs from January to February. We use a special granular product fertilizer crafted by our experts that is balanced with slow release material and a micronutrient package, providing everything plants will need for the season. This fertilizer gradually degrades and works its way into the soil to provide feeding through the springtime, as well as health and color without promoting unnecessary growth. 

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