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Your grass is healthy and green. Now it's time to talk trees & shrubs.

Our Tree and Shrub Care Program protects your entire landscape investment. We offer finely tuned fertilization, insect and disease control service for your trees and shrubs.  Water, sunlight and other nutrients all play an important role in keeping your trees and shrubs healthy. However, insects and disease can still invade your trees and shrubs quickly, so it’s important to protect them year-round. Our Program promotes bolder, brighter colors and healthier plants, creating a more beautiful landscape.

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Our Tree & Shrub Program includes 7 seasonal applications that treat and prevent common diseases and plant damaging insects.

Round 1: We apply a slow-release, micro-nutrient fertilizer to all ornamental trees and shrubs for healthy plants and bolder, brighter colors.  (January-February)

Round 2: We apply insecticides and fungicides to help prevent damage from insects like aphids and lace bugs, to name a few, and fungal diseases like leaf spot. (March-April)

Round 3: More insecticides and fungicides are applied. We also apply miticides to prevent spider mites. Spider mites generally live on the undersides of plant leaves, where they may spin protective silk webs. They puncture plant cells to feed causing damage. Additionally, supplemental fertilizer is applied, as needed. (April – May)

Round 4: Next, we apply more insecticides, fungicides and miticides to help prevent damage from insects, spider mites and fungal diseases like leaf spot. Although this seems redundant, fungicides have a short residual and need to be reapplied approximately every 30 days. Supplemental fertilizer is applied, as needed. (June – July)

Round 5: Yes, we apply more insecticides, fungicides and miticides! These products help control insect populations and diseases brought on by summer stress. Supplemental fertilizer is applied, as needed. (July – August)

Round 6: We use a slow-release, micro-nutrient fertilizer on all ornamental trees and shrubs that includes nutrients needed to promote a healthy root system, new growth and more colorful blooms for next growing season. (September – October)

Round 7: Horticultural oil is applied to smother over-wintering insects and eggs deposited to survive the winter and hatch in the spring.   This reduces insect populations and initial infestations to your shrubbery.   (November – December)

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Common Shrub & Tree Insects & Diseases

Scale Insects

Japanese Beetles

Mealy Bugs

Powdery Mildew

White Flies

Tree Borers

Lace Bugs

Camellia Gall

Leaf Spot Disease

Winter Bronzing on Evergreens

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