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Life Cycle of Weeds

Life Cycle of Weeds

As a homeowner, you are likely familiar with lawn weeds and have probably pulled one or two in your lifetime. All weeds aren't inherently bad; many add organic matter to the soil, some are edible by humans, and others provide habitat and food for wildlife. But no one wants to deal with weeds in their lawn.

Even though weeds seem to "pop up" overnight, that is untrue. Weeds germinate at different times of the year, and some are more aggressive and faster-growing than others. There are two "seasons" of weeds: winter and summer. "The Nice Guys" at Turf Masters can help control unwanted weeds with properly timed pre- and post-emergents. Keep reading to learn more about common weeds.

Summer Annual Weeds

Summer weeds enjoy the warmer weather. Summer annuals germinate in the spring, flower at the end of summer, and die as the climate cools off in the fall months.

Common summer weeds found in the southeast include:

  • Chamberbitter - annual broadleaf

  • Crabgrass - annual grassy

  • Doveweed - annual broadleaf

Many more summer weeds are perennials.

Summer Perennial Weeds

Perennial weeds reproduce by seeds or spreading root systems above or below ground. They return year after year unless they are controlled.

Common summer perennials include:

  • Buttonweed - perennial broadleaf

  • Dallisgrass - perennial grassy

  • Kyllinga - perennial sedge

  • Lespedeza - perennial broadleaf

  • Nutsedge - perennial broadleaf

  • Wild Violet - perennial broadleaf

Winter Annual Weeds

Winter annual weeds germinate in the late summer and early fall. They lie dormant in the soil for the winter and can even survive freezing temperatures. When the temperatures rise in the spring, they become active and grow. The plant will send up a flower stalk or stem then produce and drop seeds. After setting the seed, the life cycle is complete, and the plant dies. New weeds will emerge the following spring, and the cycle repeats.

Common Southern Winter Weeds

Winter annuals commonly found in lawns in Nashville and the surrounding areas include:

And then you have weeds that are active year-round. These perennials include clover, dandelion, and oxalis.

Weed Control

Turf Masters combines properly timed pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments with expert fertilization and chemical know-how. This expertise and other customized services will give your lawn exactly what it needs for optimal health and color and a weed-free lawn! If you're ready to pass the baton to 'The Nice Guys' and rest easy knowing your lawn is professionally cared for, click here to start your free estimate. It's easy and fast.