Growth Regulators

The best kept secret in lawn care

Want to mow less often and have a thicker, greener lawn?

You can with Growth Regulators!


Growth Regulators work by suppressing the vertical growth of warm-season grass like Bermuda and Zoysia. When the vertical growth is stunted, lateral growth is stimulated, creating a thick, dense and more weed resistant turf.

Our Program consists of 5 treatments spaced approximately 30 days apart. Even if you start later in the growing season, you will still see the benefits.


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Benefits of Growth Regulators:

  • Go up to 3 weeks without mowing
  • Less watering
  • Greener grass into the fall
  • Greater weed suppression
  • Thicker turf
  • Avoid “cutting off all the green”

Growth Regulators do not interfere with plant respiration, photosynthesis or other internal functions. They stimulate the lateral growth of rhizomes and stolons resulting in a thicker, denser turf. The plant roots are also stimulated to grow. As the roots go deeper, your lawn will require less water and will stay greener later into the year.

Growth Regulators are not weed control herbicides and do not kill weeds; however, they may have the same “slowing growth” effect on certain weeds as they do on grasses. The weed control benefit of Growth Regulators is the thick turf they create can help prevent summer weeds that are not preventable with pre-emergent herbicides.

Like all the products we use, our Growth Regulators are approved for residential use by both the EPS and your State Department of Agriculture.


"Very happy with our yard's appearance after grow regulators. We get compliments on our yard. We appreciate the work done on our yard and the feedback we receive from our tech."

Jennifer, Douglasville, GA

"My yard looks so much better than went I started with Turf Masters when my yard was full of weeds. The growth regulators our tech recommended really made the yard look even better. I appreciate the quality of work the men put into my yard."

Kevin, Mauldin, SC

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